Made in batches of about 1000 bottles, from the best fresh and seasonal ingredients, mostly local and/or organic, this is the basis of SWET. With each one having a character, a universe and a particular strength, they complement each other perfectly to satisfy all uses and all tastes.

We make sure to have them in stock all year long.


Deep, complex smoky flavor from the best smoked peppers on the planet, paired with red onions caramelized in brown cassonade, fresh HABANERO peppers, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, and Sri Lankan pepper.
Versatile enough to be used in virtually any dish as long you like good smoke.
It’s a vegan’s favorite sauce because it brings to mind the taste of barbecued meat.
The Vera pepper is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) from Extremadura, Spain.

Heat 4/10


Conceived as a Mediterranean salsa verde, as comfortable on quesadillas or Mexican tacos as on falafels, durums or pizzas.

Jonagold apples from the Brussels area, organic fennel, green jalapeño marinated in organic cider vinegar and Sri Lankan black pepper. No sugar added.

A little Saltier than our other sauces, it belongs on the podium of our most versatiles.

Heat 6/10


Designed to match any classic northern European dish like Pot-au-feu, Waterzoo , Blanquette de veau or even simple mashed potatoes or mild cheeses like brie, this sauce provides a fair amount of heat without removing the taste like a more classic hot sauce would.
Local ugly pears, red onions, fresh garlic and apple cider vinegar, paired with fresh yellow HABANERO peppers and a very subtle blend of spices.

Heat 7/10


Fresh HABANERO peppers, the best ripe mangoes possible, fresh ginger, lime zest and a complex blend of rare spices make this sauce a very sweet tropical explosion that goes wonderfully with roasted fish or chicken, or shoyu fried tofu.
The good dose of ginger it contains gradually builds up the heat of the chilli peppers in the mouth, which gives it quite a long rush.
This was the first SWET ever made for ourselves back in 2019, this is the source of this hot sauce making obsession.

Heat 8/10


Very deep fresh citrus aroma paired with a long lasting habanero heat.
Organic lemons and fresh yellow habanero peppers cooked with yellow bell peppers and conference pears grown in Belgium.

The best match for raw fish or shrimps.
It is also a good way to spike a mayonnaise.

Heat 6/10


Prepared with italian tomatoes that have had their peels lightly burnt with a blowtorch, organic celery and magnificent red Habanero peppers which have grown in Brussels.
Josef is Mary’s best comrade, they would even have had a crush in their youth in a collective farm down south, but it is not very clear … It is said that since then he drinks a lot of cocktails made with Vodka and tomato juice, to forget.
Also Josef is a big foodie, he really has the slab: he loves pasta, pizza, and anything that can be eaten really, he will gladly replace the imperialist ketchup and the capitalist sriracha.
Also great with vodka in a shot, to save time.

Heat 5/10



With their brown bottles and orange labels, they are easily recognizable so they won’t fall into every hand. Limited to 300 bottles per batch.

Indeed, produced with one of the three strongest peppers in the world (Carolina reaper, Moruga scorpion or Naga Jolokia), which grow in Brussels, they are able to silence the most talkative.

We make sure to have them in stock all year long.


The Fumado was my favorite but it’s not strong enough anymore…  the addict says.
This super strong version of the FUMADO is for you.
It’s essentially the same recipe, slightly adapted with CAROLINA REAPER peppers (officially the most potent pepper in the world), which give it a good amount of heat with a slight delay in ignition in the mouth.
Carolina reapers grown in Brussels, AOC green oak smoked cayenne peppers, red onions, garlic and Belgian brown sugar.
It goes with everything, really.

Heat 10/10


The pure flavor of pineapple immediately followed by the deep and distinctive heat of the beautiful MORUGA TRINIDAD SCORPION BROWN pepper.

MORUGA TRINIDAD SCORPION is currently second on the list of the world’s hottest peppers. It has a rating of 1,200,000 Scoville Units (SHU), out of 2,009,231 SHU.

Heat 11/10


SUPER HOT version of the PEARS FOR TEARS, with CAROLINA REAPERS from Bxl replacing the habaneros.
Designed to match any classic northern European dish like Pot-au-feu, Waterzoo , Blanquette de veau or even simple mashed potatoes or mild cheeses like brie, this sauce provides a fair amount of heat without acting as a taste disturbance like a more classic hot sauce would.
Local ugly pears, red onions, garlic and apple cider vinegar, paired with fresh CAROLINA REAPER peppers from Brussels and a very subtle blend of spices.

Heat 12/10



With at least one different sauce each month, these are the most limited since they are produced only once a year, from rare ingredients and peppers grown in Brussels, which we sublimate in a radical recipe, sometimes questioning the limits of the hot sauce.
They are made for connoisseurs.

Very limited, numbered bottles, some of them will never be produced again.


August 23.

The perfect sauce for all summer meals (and cocktails).
We’re releasing it for the two-year anniversary of our friends at café T’Kanon, Ghent’s coolest spot.
The best Moroccan watermelons simmered to caramelization with local summer apples and Sicilian summer lemons.
Prepared with yellow Brussels Habanero peppers, for a reasonable but lasting spiciness.
Its acidic character and controlled strength are the best allies for every dish you put on the table this summer, from the simplest salads to grilled calamari and, of course, seafood.

Production limited to 1000 bottles

Heat 4/10


July 23.

Lactofermented orgy in a bottle.

This is probably the most complicated and rare limited edition we’re releasing this year.

When other hot sauce brands talk about fermentation, they’re really talking about preserving chillies in salt, wich is a dead or at least inert process.
Their priority is not to improve flavour or strength, but rather to make life easier for themselves by keeping a year-round supply of salted chillies, ready to transform. It’s the most classic way to produce very ordinary hot sauce.

With us, it’s exactly the opposite, since we’re lucky enough to have a supply of fresh local-grown chillies practically all year round.

So here we’re talking about an 8-month active lacto-fermentation process, with very little salt and an insane complexity with a very clear goal in mind : carving a new taste.

Red onions, fresh garlic, yellow habanero peppers from Bxl and real chipotle peppers imported directly from Mexico, slowly fermented in a very low-salt brine throughout winter & spring cool temperatures.

Made according to the rules of the art, it is reserved for real fermented sauce geeks.

Production limited to 181 bottles.

Heat 10/10


SWET X FOODING S02: Forever Belgian love.

FOREVER is the quintessence of SWET know-how, a sauce we’re very proud of, our second collaboration with our FOODING BFFs.
Organic strawberries from the Domaine La Falize, white verbena and red habanero pepper, punctuated by a touch of galaxy hops.
It’s smooth, balanced, with a measured strength that lasts, perfect in the middle of a cheese platter. Perfect on any table, FOREVER.
So let’s take this opportunity to talk about addiction, once again, like another hammer hitting the same nail.
Imagine you’re at a dinner party with friends, where everything’s going great, and then all of a sudden, right in the middle of the meal,
right in the middle of a fascinating conversation about Chinese cryptocurrencies and their detrimental impact on the exchange rate of the
Ugandan shilling, all of a sudden, without warning, in the middle of a sentence as long as the one you’re reading now, a little cold sweat breaks out at your temples and your ideas get tangled up, the words
disappear and you’re left with your mouth hanging open : You’ve just realized that there’s no SWET on the table.
Sht, sht, sht! Stress. Could there be one lying around in their fridge? You get up hurriedly, mumbling the excuse of a banal cardio-vascular ailment, but on the way you’re struck by the super-norm-core decoration probably dreamed up by some soulless Swedes and ordered online as a bundle. You hadn’t noticed it before, but suddenly it dawns on you: your friends have no taste. You discover a moment later, after ruthlessly searching every kitchen cupboard, that the only thing remotely similar to what you’re looking for is a bottle of gray Tabasco, probably left there for years. You’ve probably fainted. You’re sitting there, amidst the debris of FÄRGKLAR plates, leaning against the gentle vibrations of a dishwasher. You’re weary, discouraged. You think about the bottle of FUMADO you always keep in the glove compartment just in case… but fck it, you came by bus, to save the planet.
It would be so much easier to have a cigarette.

Production limited to 1200 bottles.

Heat 4/10


<dark/> May 23.

Micro batch from the <drak/> SWET.
98 bottles only.

This is something different.

The kind of violence you will ask for again.

Half is dropping right now on the website.
The other half will come in the next TORTURE BOX 09, dropping this weekend. Available for pre order.

SHIBARI is a shoyu long decoction of Naga jolokia (Ghost pepper) both hot-pickled and dried, organic black garlic & toasted garlic, with a hint of sesame.


April 23.

“I’m not sure I like it.
I’m not gonna get hurt?
I cry when it’s too loud.
It drives people crazy, doesn’t it?
No-no, I’m too scared of tomorrow.
I’m going to be able to talk after this?
Please don’t give anything too hard…
It’s the first time.”
The new CRACK HEAD is designed as the perfect first time.
An experience of intense sweetness, followed by a quiet strength that slowly rises in the background, just long enough to be truly comforting.
A weird, tangy, borderline psychedelic thing.
Ripe pineapple, red habanero, garlic, ginger and lime prepared with two super Belgian hops: Target and Challenger, to give a little extra funk that makes the taste buds dance…
A first time that calls for a second, then a bigger dose, then something stronger… Slippery slope, until watching for the hottest micro batches, and then never leave home without a bottle of NANA in your pocket, just in case.
” I’m not addicted, it’s just that I feel better with it, ok? “
Ok, that’s fine, relax, we have what you need.

Production limited to 600 bottles.

Heat 2/10


March 23.

One year after its first appearance, it is finally here, to violently conclude our winter cycle.
Like a small fluorescent orange moon that has just completed its full revolution, it comes back to dazzle us with its radiant beauty, and explode in our mouths like a cloud of meteorites whose only objective
would be to exterminate mediocrity by systematically hitting the same spot, to dig a deeper and deeper crater, and thus leave an indelible trace in the collective consciousness.
The best organic kumquats from Sicily, cooked with Madame Jeannette peppers from Bxl and an American hop variety: CITRA, well known to beer lovers as it is found in most good IPAs.
The Citra complements the tartness and freshness of the kumquat, correcting any excessive bitterness.
It’s not only a taste match, it’s doping; the hops accompany the citrus aroma by going in the same direction, it pushes it in the ultraviolet, even further, until beyond the real.

FYI : The background image on the label comes from the JUNO telescope, it shows the storms that constantly agitate the atmosphere of Jupiter.

Production limited to 1008 bottles

Heat 7/10


February 23.

Kiwi, coconut, like a Thaï green curry.
A winter utopia.
February in Brussels is like 9am in an after party in a damp cellar: you feel that you won’t be able to sleep right away but it’s starting to get long, so you can’t wait to go out and burn your retina in the midday sun.
Spring is not for immediately but we think about it, we premeditate it.
The special K is the child of this ungrateful season.
Organic Catalan kiwi, very ripe, prepared as a long journey:
A tangy green curry with strong accents of galangal, lemongrass and fresh Thai basil.
A lively, hybrid force of Madame Jeanette chillies grown in Bxl and Thai green chillies.
A joker hot sauce, the one you pull out to turn the leftover rice from the night before into a new experience.
Like a philosopher’s stone, which turns lead into gold every time.
No added sugar. No added fat. No added water. Unfiltered. Pure.

Production limited to 415 bottles.

Heat 6/10


January 23.

Four-handed improvisation.
Paul is not just an influencer, he is basically one of the best chefs in Brussels, maybe even the most creative.
We did a torture test together two years ago, at the very beginning of SWET (when it was not yet legal and long before he exploded on instagram), when his restaurant (La Guingette en ville) was closed like
all the others during the lockdown.
At that time he was just starting to film his daily recipes, to pass the time, and the project piqued his curiosity; he wanted to taste everything, try everything.
So since then we became friends and we often talked about a collaboration without ever finding the time, of course.
At the beginning of January he came to see us to make a sauce together, well, with the fruits we had on hand: Pomelos, grapefruits, pomegranates, local apples and carolina reapers from the last harvest
of 2022.
The result is a very fresh, tangy sauce that plays with a well-framed bitterness, powerful but not excessive: a balanced sauce that resembles his cuisine and at the same time perfectly embodies our relationship with the seasons.
You can see HERE the video that Paul made about the genesis of the POMELO, it also shows you how we work at the SWET FACTORY.

Production limited to 546 bottles.

Heat 8/10


December 22.


Only available at @brusselskitchen ‘s pop up @lepopupdenoel.

Organic Bergamots from Sicily and local apples, simple as that and fragrant AF.

You will have to move your butt to get this one. And FAST.

147 bottles and forever gone 👀

Heat 6/10



For us, the Fooding (the guide to the best French restaurants) is like a vacation crush, we enjoyed
ourselves, the weather was nice, it was good, but deep down we don’t want to stop there. We did
some cool stuff together in the past, we were even present in their first pop-up in 2021 but one day
you have to face your feelings and make some sauce.
So we took the plunge.
At the end of the summer, Christine and Anna came to Brussels, to see if “WHAT YOU SWEET IS WHAT YOU GET”. And we spent the day together in the LAB, making a sauce full of surprises.
First the legendary Kriek from Cantillon.
Brussels’ only real gueuze brewery (spontaneously fermented beer) provided us with two things that
are so exceptional that they don’t normally sell them, except to a small handful of chefs in the know.
Kriek vinegar aged in oak barrels, and Schaerbeek cherries, macerated for 3 months in the beer (the
fruit that remains at the bottom of the vat once it is bottled). Brussels-style pornography.
And then those famous chipotle peppers.
For the record, it’s extremely difficult to find authentic chipotle in Europe, i.e. a morita pepper
smoked with pecan wood, which is the grail. There is no controlled appellation (contrary to those
used in the FUMADO), and it is impossible to know the quality unless you go to Mexico in the small villages… And that’s good, one of our best friends was there, and we had to get him drunk because he brought us 25kg of it, in an old coffee bag, on the plane, like drugs.
At this level the rest is almost details.
Organic summer apples grown only 10km from our house, ultra juicy, firm and sweet, organic Belgian
peppers, intense red, and finally the best habanero peppers in the world (of course), grown as usual
on the roof of the Abattoirs in Brussels, in aquaponics, without any chemical products. And then some good brown sugar, because after all, it’s almost speculoos season :))
It gives us a balance between the roundness of the fruit, the acidity and the unique aroma of the
kriek, and the subtle smoke of the pepper, all supported by a deep and muted strength, without
A marvel.

Production limited to 846 bottles.

Heat 6/10


October 22.

The queen of mandarins, the earliest and the best. A Japanese variety quite rare in Europe, whose season is mega short.
The Japanese use its zest in many preparations, especially in their curries.
It has a very intense aroma: that of a real good tangerine and nothing else. Ours are organic and come from our faithful producer of citrus fruits in Sicily.
We use them whole, with all the zest, zist and flesh, barely cooked with some Madame Jeannette peppers from Brussels and just the right amount of local apples to give a hint of sweetness.
So there you have it, a radical sauce, cousin to Yuzu koshō, with a “grown-up taste” as the Japanese say: a very present bitterness, which balances perfectly with the rather high strength and with its ultra deep aroma.
It’s frankly not for everyone.
A perfect sauce to serve with a good eggplant caviar, miso soup with tofu or even raw fish, grilled octopus or any seafood.
No water or added sugar, vegan, zero fat.
Prepared with 100% fresh ingredients, like every time.

Production limited to 782 bottles.

Heat 9/10


September 22.

Must be the season of the witch.
It’s back and it’s changed, like every time, just a little bit:
Fresh wild blueberries and Belgian summer apples, Madam Jeannette’s Brussels peppers, Sichuan pepper and fresh Thai basil.
No sugar added.
We find this sweet and sour profile that characterized versions 1 & 2, but with this extra thing, this really special thing that clearly distinguishes it from all the rest.
First of all, the taste. This slightly bastard aroma that evokes Asia in the main lines and makes it compatible with everything that Vietnam or Thailand can produce at its best: from the spring roll to the Nam Tok.
Then the effect. Because after all it is named after a Jimmy Hendrix song and also after a magical plant. So in addition to the mild but lasting strength of Madame Jeannette’s pepper, the particular effect that Sichuan pepper leaves on the tip of the tongue is good.
And finally the color: a supernatural purple that can rub off in any preparation to make it ultra spatial.

Production limited to 379 bottles.

Heat 4/10



August 22.

The guys from WE CAN DANCE worked extra hard on the quality of the foods & drinks this year, with for exemple the best pizza in Belgium from legendary @luca.fabozzi_ (a SWET based margherita is on the menu btw), natural wines selected by @gudelaar and that is just the tip of the iceberg really. 🤯

We just dropped a very limited pack on the webshop to celebrate:

The exclusive FIND YOURSELF sauce along with special versions of the FUMADO and GREEN LIGHT DISTRICT, with a design inspired by the oil projections of the 60’s psychedelic parties.

The FIND YOURSELF sauce is also available in the last TORTURE BOX.

FIND YOURSELF is made from Mango, green apples, lime, fresh turmeric and Madame Jeanette peppers, the goal was to make a hot sauce compatible with most of the summer food, from fried chicken to fresh salads.

It is like a tropical rain, hot and refreshing at the same time.

Production limited to 300 bottles.

Heat 6/10


July 22.

Marie Casaÿs is an illustrator who makes very hot drawings.
We love her delicate style and her precise drawing, all in pencil shading, without any line, without anything too much.
We’ve been talking for months about a collab and all of a sudden BAM, we realized that the apricot season was coming. It hit us like lightning.
Organic French apricots, ultra juicy, combined with fresh sage and Madame Jeannette peppers (lemon habanero) grown in Brussels.
So much for the base.
The addition of organic summer apples, fresh turmeric, lime and especially the American hops HBBC 692 and CASCADE from Yakima chief reinforce the freshness and give additional layers of subtlety.
The result is a strong, tangy and super fresh sauce designed to accompany all summer dishes.

Production limited to 633 bottles.

Heat 6/10




June 22.

Let’s not beat around the bush: June is summer, and what’s summer? Juicy peaches and cold beer, that’s what.

At least in Brussels, that’s what summer’s all about, especially when it comes to beer, on which we’re all agreed :))

So we’ve made a sauce that was already released in very small quantities last year (Ultra 06 for the OGs), but even better. This time, it’s an official collab with our buddies at BRUSSELS BEER PROJECT, and quite frankly, it’s really crazy: Ripe, juicy, sweet organic Sicilian peaches, the first really good peaches of the year. JUICE JUNKIE, a New England IPA brewed with love in Bxl, just perfect when it’s hot and frankly difficult to drink in minus 24 at a time (true story).

Fresh from the first harvest of 2022, it’s so good you’ll remember pitting 80kg of peaches by hand. It’s a distant cousin of PEARS FOR TEARS, but funkier, perfect for bbq steaks, burgers or any sexy salad. Super versatile, super fresh, with a strength accessible enough to really dip things in.

Production limited to 1200 bottles.

Heat 4/10


May 22.


Our goal was to reach a « too much » point, and we are proud to say that we achieved it: This sauce is definitely smoked AF and hot as hell.

A collaboration we kind of silently released a few weeks ago with our friends of @blacksmokeantwerpen for their 5 years anniversary.
(We spent the night in the elevator torturing every guests while listening to Black Sabath)

Production limited to 666 bottles

Heat 10/10


April 22.

Hot kimchi sauce.
Umamido is just the best spot to eat a good ramen in Brussels, by far our favorite. Everything is homemade, by hand, with the best fresh ingredients… Strangely it speaks to us :))
While talking with them, we learned that their kimchi is not only ultra good, it is also very, very special. They have been preparing it themselves for almost 9 years with the same patience and the same method, and it is this process that is crazy: each new batch is started with a small part of the previous one, so the fermentation is alive from the beginning.
Their kimchi is 9 years old this month, and for its birthday we pay tribute to it with a magical sauce.
After weeks of testing, the recipe was self-evident: Kimchi, ripe local pears, Brussels Habaneros marinated for 6 months in organic alcohol vinegar, and artisanal white miso.
A subtle balance between the complexity of the fermentation, the sweetness of the pears and the spiciness of the Habaneros, which enhances the intense flavor of the kimchi.
A wave of flavor, ready to break on every table.

Production limited to 400 bottles.

HEAT 5/10


March 22.

The finest organic kumquats from Sicily and Bxl yellow habaneros marinated in organic apple cider vinegar from the last
This ultra-fresh combination is complemented by the subtle citrus aroma of CITRA hops, an American hop well known to beer
lovers as the heart of the world’s best IPAs.
A rich, sweeping citrus aroma that takes over the entire mouth with a lasting, fairly strong heat.
Made from the finest fresh ingredients, as usual.
A killer on raw scallops and everything else.

Production limited to 701 bottles.

Heat 8/10

February 22.

The green taste, designed to be compatible with all Mediterranean cuisine, from Italy to Lebanon, and way beyond.
Jonagold apples from the Brussels area, organic fennel, green jalapeno marinated in organic cider vinegar and Sri Lankan pepper. No sugar added.
Made from only the finest fresh ingredients, as usual.
A little Saltier than our other sauces, it belongs on the podium of our most versatile sauces.

Production limited to 622 bottles.

Heat 6/10

January 22.

Organic bananas from Martinique, red onions pickled in cider vinegar, Madame Jeannette pepper, ginger, garlic, lime, wild hibiscus from Senegal, Sichuan, Timut and black peppers from Sri Lanka. No added sugar.
Its pale pink color and medium strength make it both funky and accessible to all tables.
Acidic, with a subtle aroma that makes it similar to Sun Burn, it’s difficult to tell it contains banana without reading the label.
Incredible with steamed vegetables, as a replacement for pickles on a burger or on hard-boiled eggs.

Production limited to 638 bottles.

Heat 5/10

November 21.

Habanero grown and lacto-fermented in Brussels.
The result of the first harvest of HABANERO peppers from Brussels and organic carrots fermented in lightly salted brine for 4 mounths, then cooked with cider vinegar, red onion, garlic, brown cassonade and black pepper.
The result is just a pure habanero long-lasting rush with its deep characteristic taste.
Very very hot.

Production limited to 108 bottles.

Heat 10/10

October 21.

A tribute to the world’s earliest and sexiest variety of mandarin orange, a Japanese variety with green skin and intense aroma, grown organically in Sicily.
Prepared with 75% madarines, yellow habanero from Brussels and a little pear. Its aroma is ultra intense, even extreme.
It is a sauce strong enough at all levels, which remains long in the mouth.
A killer mixed in fresh cheese to prepare makis, or pure on a goat cheese, raw fish or poultry.

Production limited to 248 bottles.

Heat 7/10

September 21.

Everything in that sauce was grown on the rooftops of Brussels during the summer.
Red fruits, mainly raspberries, fresh basil and aji amarillo peppers.
With no added sugar, it is a fairly acidic sauce with a strong aroma of fresh fruit followed closely by a subtle note of basil.
The aji amarillo peppers give it a nice heat, which never overpowers the rest.
A killer with fish, raw meat, cheese, in a salad or with steamed vegetables.

Production limited to 303 bottles.

Heat 5/10

August 21.

Prepared with Belgian blueberries and yellow habaneros peppers from Brussels, it is distinguished first of all by its esoteric purple color, like the cloak of a cool magician.
Its super power: make any preparation purple: mayonnaise, pie crust, vinaigrette, etc. while gently waking up the taste buds.
Its magical taste: No added sugar, so on the salty side, the aroma of blueberries goes hand in hand with a hint of ginger and lime, and with a fairly complex mix of spices composed among others of sage, coriander, Green sichuan etc …
Very versatile, perfect to accompany cheese, charcuterie or steamed vegetables, and for everything in between.

Heat 4/10

July 21.

The Belgian high-end interpretation of the classic sauce
that everybody loves.
The difference between this pure golden nectar and the red industrial stuff you are used to is the quality of the base ingredients and the purity of the process.
Fermented organic sweet peppers, yellow habaneros &
organic garlic, cooked with organic apple vinegar & brown
cassonade. That liquid gold goes on everything.

Production limited to 188 bottles.

Heat: 4/10


June 21.

Ripe organic yellow peach from Sicily, yellow Habanero peppers from Brussels, junky Juice beer from our friends from Brussels Beer Project and allspice from Jamaica.
Production limited to 189 bottles

Heat: 4/10


May 21.

Flamed organic melon & organic watermelon from Sicily and Spanish naga jolokia.
Subtle, sweet but very strong.
Very special.
Production limited to 96 bottles.

Heat: 8/10


April 21.

Rhubarb, strawberry, dark sister IPA and habanero.

Production limited to 189 bottles.

Heat: 4/10


March 21.

Apples, habaneros and honey cooked with a complex custom spice mix giving it a north African oriented flavor spectrum.
A great match with your home made keftas or grilled eggplants.

Heat: 5/10


February 21.

Cédrat, pears & habanero.

Production limited to 122 bottles.

Heat: 6/10


April 21.

Made from Delta IPA from our friends at Brussels Beer Project ; the best IPA brewed in Belgium (totally objective here :).
Inspired from a secret recipe for ribs marinade, this sauce is not fruity at all but quite dark instead thanks to the darkcandy sirup.
The IPA devellops some very complex floral aromas in it, wich accord perfectly to the frank heat of the Aji Jamaiquino.
Perfect in pasta, red meat or ramen or anything really.

Heat: 7/10


March 21.

The subtle aroma of the best organic blood orange from Sicily paired with a subtle level of true heat from the GHOST peppers.
It is a great match with chocolate.
Ghost peppers (Naga Jolokia) originate from north-east of India and are very different from the Habaneros and other caribbean or South American peppers, it is closer to an Asian type of flavor & heat like the Thaï  bird eye peppers. Its heat is brutal and attacks the back of the mouth, you can feel it quite a long time while it makes its path inside.

Heat 3/10

And a lot more on instagram