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Hot kimchi sauce


Umamido is the best spot to eat a good ramen in Brussels, by far our favorite. Everything is homemade, handmade, with the best fresh ingredients... Strangely it speaks to us :))

While talking with them, we learned that their kimchi is not only very good, it is also very very special. They have been making it themselves for almost 9 years with the same patience and the same method, and it is this process that is crazy:
Each new batch is started with a small part of the previous one, so the fermentation is alive from the beginning.

Their kimchi is 9 years old this month, and for its birthday we pay tribute to it with a magical sauce: TSURAI made in very small quantities (only 400 bottles).

After weeks of testing, the recipe was self-evident: Kimchi, ripe local pears, Brussels habaneros marinated for 6 months in organic alcohol vinegar, and artisanal white miso.

A subtle balance between the complexity of the fermentation, the sweetness of the pears and the spiciness of the habaneros, which enhances the intense flavor of the kimchi.

A wave of flavor, ready to be served on any table.

INGREDIENTS: Umamido Kimchi** (cabbage, salt, carrot, onion, shrimp, red pepper, ginger, sugar, water, anchovy, garlic, WHEAT, alcohol, sea salt, oyster), Pears**, White vinegar**, Habanero (Bxl)**, White miso (soy, rice, salt, alcohol)

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