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As fresh and explosive as a big storm in the tropics. Habanero peppers grown on the rooftops of Brussels without any chemicals, ripe mangoes, fresh garlic and ginger, organic lime and a complex mix of hand-crushed exotic spices: it's a concentrate of sunshine ready to transfigure even the most banal dishes. The combination of chili and ginger gradually increases the spiciness and gives a progressive and persistent rush.

This was the first SWET sauce, made at home in 2019. Prepared by hand in Brussels, using only fresh ingredients.

Vegan, zero fat, low in calories, 100% natural.

Usage: roasted chicken, hummus, steamed vegetables, seafood, summer salads, fish&chips, spring rolls, pad thai... and everything else.

Heat 8/10

Nutrition values for 100ml: 57 Kcal / 7g Carbs / 2g Protein / 0g Fat

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