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Kiwi, coconut, like a Thaï green curry.

A winter utopia.

February in Brussels is like 9am in an after party in a damp basement: you feel that you won't be able to sleep right away but it's starting to get long, so you can't wait to go out and burn your retina in the midday sun.
Spring is not exactly for tomorrow but we think about it, we premeditate it.

The special K is the child of this ungrateful season.

Organic Catalan kiwi, very ripe, prepared as a long journey:
A tangy green curry with strong accents of galangal, lemongrass and fresh Thai basil.
A lively, hybrid force of Madame Jeanette chillies grown in Bxl and Thai green chillies.

A joker hot sauce, the one you pull out to turn the leftover rice from the night before into a new experience.

Like a philosopher's stone, which turns lead into gold every time.

415 bottles.

No added sugar. No added fat. No added water. Unfiltered.

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