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The queen of mandarins, the earliest and the best. A Japanese variety quite rare in Europe, whose season is mega short.
The Japanese use its zest in many preparations, especially in their curries.
It has a very intense aroma: that of a real good tangerine and nothing else. Ours are organic and come from our faithful producer of citrus fruits in Sicily.
We use them whole, with all the zest, zist and flesh, barely cooked with some Madame Jeannette peppers from Brussels and just the right amount of local apples to give a hint of sweetness.

So there you have it, a radical sauce, cousin to Yuzu koshō, with a "grown-up taste" as the Japanese say: a very present bitterness, which balances perfectly with the rather high strength and with its ultra deep aroma.

It's frankly not for everyone.

A perfect sauce to serve with a good eggplant caviar, miso soup with tofu or even raw fish, grilled octopus or any seafood.

No water or added sugar, vegan, zero fat.
Prepared with 100% fresh ingredients, like every time.

782 bottles.

HEAT: 8/10

Pure Bitter Sweetness

INGREDIENTS (FR): Mandarines SATSUMA MYAGAWA* - Pommes** - Vinaigre de cidre* - Piments Lemon Habanero** - Sel de Guérande (NL): SATSUMA MYAGAWA* mandarijn - Appel** - Cider azijn* - Lemon Habanero pepers**- Guérande zout (EN): SATSUMA MYAGAWA mandarines* - Apples** - Cider vinegar* - Lemon Habanero peppers** - Guérande salt
* Organic ** Belgian

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