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September 2022. 379 bottles.

Must be the season of the witch.

It's back and it's changed, like every time, just a little bit:
Fresh wild blueberries and Belgian summer apples, Madam Jeannette's Brussels peppers, Sichuan pepper and fresh Thai basil.
No sugar added.

Same but different.
We find this sweet and sour profile that characterized versions 1 & 2, but with this extra thing, this really special thing that clearly distinguishes it from all the rest.

First of all, the taste. This slightly bastard aroma that evokes Asia in the main lines and makes it compatible with everything that Vietnam or Thailand can produce at its best: from the spring roll to the Nam Tok.

Then the effect. Because after all it is named after a Jimmy Hendrix song and also after a magical plant. So in addition to the mild but lasting strength of Madame Jeannette's pepper, the particular effect that Sichuan pepper leaves on the tip of the tongue is good.

And finally the color: a supernatural purple that can rub off in any preparation to make it ultra spatial.

INGREDIENTS (FR): Myrtille** - Pomme verte** - Vinaigre blanc* - Piments Madame Jeanette** - Basilic Thaï** - Citron vert - Sel de Guérande - Poivre de Sechuan (NL): Bosbessen** - Groene appel** - Witte azijn* - Madame Jeanette pepers** - Thaise Basilicum** - Limoen - Guérandezout - Sechuan peper (EN): Blueberries** - Green apple** - Red onions** - Distilled vinegar* - Madame Jeanette peppers**- Thaï basil** - Lime - Guérande salt - Sechuan pepper
* Organic ** Belgian

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