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The last glimmers of summer, the red sunsets already fighting against the coolness that slowly arrives, first colonizing the shadows and the earliest hours of the shortenning days.

Indian summer is an ILLUSION, of an impossible eternity, which poorly conceals the stigmata of its own extinction. The leaves on the trees begin to fall even before they turn yellow, without changing the density of the foliage or the opacity of its shadows.

Only the intense CONTEMPLATION can reveal the imminence of the long weeks of rain still hiding behind the warmth of the lowering sun.

This is the last chapter of the TRIP, until the next one.

The last fruits of summer, blackberries plucked from their hostile brambles, their thin black skin poorly protecting their sweet, ACIDIC, blood-red flesh.

The strongest habaneros of the year, bursting with August heat.

Artisanal beer vinegar from Dok in Ghent, half lambic, half "War is loca".

And finally, fresh basil added to the mix, a HALLUCINANT combination.

Nothing else: no water, no sugar, no bad-trip.

100% Belgian.

392 bottles

Force 3/5


(FR): Mûres** - Pommes Jonagold** - Vinaigre de bière artisanale de Dok Brewing Company (lambic + «waar is loca»)** - Piments Habanero** - Basilic** - Sel de Guérande

(NL): Bramen** - Jonagold appels** - Dok Brewing Company ambachtelijke bierazijn (lambiek + «waar is loca»)** - Habanero pepers** - Basilicum** - Guérande zout

(EN): Blackberries** - Jonagold apples** - Dok Brewing Company craft beer vinegar (lambic + «waar is loca»)** - Habanero peppers** - Basil** - Guérande salt

** Belgian

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