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One year after its first appearance, it is finally here, to violently conclude our winter cycle.

Like a small fluorescent orange moon that has just completed its full revolution, it comes back to dazzle us with its radiant beauty, and explode in our mouths like a cloud of meteorites whose only objective would be to exterminate mediocrity by systematically hitting the same spot, to dig a deeper and deeper crater, and thus leave an indelible trace in the collective consciousness.

The best organic kumquats from Sicily, cooked with Madame Jeannette peppers from Bxl and an American hop variety: CITRA, well known to beer lovers as it is found in most good IPAs.

The Citra complements the tartness and freshness of the kumquat, correcting any excessive bitterness.
It's not only a taste match, it's doping; the hops accompany the citrus aroma by going in the same direction, it pushes it in the ultraviolet, even further, until beyond the real.

1008 bottles

FYI : The background image on the label comes from the JUNO telescope, it shows the storms that constantly agitate the atmosphere of Jupiter.

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