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A deep, complex smoky flavor from the finest Extremadura (Spain) green oak smoked chilies, combined with brown sugar caramelized Belgian red onions, Habanero peppers grown on the rooftops of Brussels without any chemicals, organic cider vinegar, fresh garlic and Sri Lankan black pepper.

Versatile enough to pair with any dish, as long as you like the real smoke.

It's a vegan's favorite hot sauce because it's reminiscent of the taste of authentic barbecue.

Handmade in Brussels with fresh ingredients only, vegan, zero fat, low calories, 100% natural.

Use: Tacos, French fries, eggs, ribs, fried tofu, chili con/sin carne, bbq grilled meat... and everything else.

100ml Heat 4/10

Nutrition values for 100ml: 58 Kcal / 8g Carbs / 2g Protein / 0g Fat

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