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We met Rob at the local French fry shop, called a "Fritkot" in Brussels, and it's a magical place.We could stop there, because basically everything's been said.

The particularity of fritkot is the plethora of sauces to accompany the frites and other fricadelles, poulicroc, mexicanto etc... There are literally dozens of them, and it's an institution, a cultural particularity around which everyone rallies. And to be quite honest, it had a big influence on the genesis of SWET. Because we make hot sauce, of course, but above all we make sauce that you really eat, not just seasoning by the drop. So here we are, looking for a synthesis between "Yopi" and "Brazil", with a "Dallas" roundness and a strong "Bicky" accent, but stronger than "Samurai". A perfect sauce to accompany the anything-and-everything that comes out of the big baths of steaming lard, and all made with ingredients that could have been found in any fritkot worthy of the name: fried onions, gherkins, imperial mustard, tarragon... and, above all, French fries and beer! A technical challenge well met by the best chillies in the world (in all objectivity) grown, as usual, on the roofs of Brussel's slaughterhouses.

A pocket essential for all post-party fritkot binge.

Heat 6/10

969 bottles

INGREDIENTS: "TOUT BIEN" Pils** - French fries** - Apples**- Cider vinegar* - Habanero peppers**- Red onions** - Fried onions** - Pickles** - Mustard (Bister)** - Tarragon**- Guérande salt - Spices*

**Belgian *Organic

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