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For us, the Fooding is like a vacation crush, we enjoyed ourselves, the weather was nice, but deep down we don't want to stop there. We did some cool stuff together in the past, we were even present in their first pop-up in 2021 but one day you have to face your feelings and make some sauce.

So we took the plunge.

At the end of the summer, Christine and Anna came to Brussels, to see if "WHAT YOU SWEET IS WHAT YOU GET". And we spent the day together in the LAB, making a sauce full of surprises.

First the legendary Kriek from Cantillon.
Brussels' only real gueuze brewery (spontaneously fermented beer) provided us with two things that are so exceptional that they don't normally sell them, except to a small handful of chefs in the know. Kriek vinegar aged in oak barrels, and Schaerbeek cherries, macerated for 3 months in the beer (the fruit that remains at the bottom of the vat once it is bottled). Brussels-style pornography.

And then those famous chipotle peppers.
For the record, it's extremely difficult to find authentic chipotle in Europe, i.e. a morita pepper smoked with pecan wood, which is the grail. There is no controlled appellation (contrary to those used in the FUMADO), and it is impossible to know the quality unless you go to Mexico in the small villages... And that's good, one of our best friends was there, and brought us 25kg of it, in an old coffee bag, on the plane, like drugs.

At this level the rest is almost details.
Organic summer apples grown only 10km from the factory, ultra juicy, firm and sweet, organic Belgian peppers, intense red, and finally the best habanero peppers in the world (of course), grown as usual on the roof of the Abattoirs in Brussels, in aquaponics, without any chemical products. And then some good brown sugar, because after all, it's almost speculoos season :))

It gives us a balance between the roundness of the fruit, the acidity and the unique aroma of the kriek, and the subtle smoke of the pepper, all supported by a deep and quite muted strength, without any exaggeration.

A marvel.

846 bottles.

Vegan, zero fat, no water added.

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