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The perfect first time.

"I'm not sure I like it.
I'm not gonna get hurt?
I cry when it's too hard.
It drives people crazy, doesn't it?
No-no, I'm too scared of tomorrow.
I'm going to be able to talk after this?
Please don't give anything too hard...
It's the first time."

The new CRACK HEAD is designed as the perfect first time.
An experience of intense sweetness, followed by a quiet strength that slowly rises in the background, just long enough to be truly comforting.
A weird, tangy, borderline psychedelic thing.

Ripe pineapple, red habanero, garlic, ginger and lime prepared with two super Belgian hops: Target and Challenger, to give a little extra funk that makes the taste buds dance...
A first time that calls for a second, then a bigger dose, then something stronger... Slippery slope, until watching for the hottest micro batches, and then never leave home without a bottle of NANA in your pocket, just in case.

" I'm not addicted, it's just that I feel better with it, ok? "

Ok, that's fine, relax, we have what you need.

600 bottles.

Heat 2/10

INGREDIENTS: Pineapple - Wine vinegar* - Habanero peppers (BXL)** - Apple** - Turmeric -Ginger - Brown sugar** - Garlic - lime- Hops** -Guérande salt - Spices Organic ** Belgian * Organic

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