Made in batches of about 600 bottles, from the best fresh and seasonal ingredients, mostly local and/or organic, this is the basis of SWET. With each one having a character, a universe and a particular strength, they complement each other perfectly to satisfy all uses and all tastes.

We make sure to have them in stock all year long.


Deep, complex smoky flavor from the best smoked peppers on the planet, paired with red onions caramelized in brown cassonade, fresh HABANERO peppers, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, and Sri Lankan pepper.
Versatile enough to be used in virtually any dish as long you like good smoke.
It’s a vegan’s favorite sauce because it brings to mind the taste of barbecued meat.
The Vera pepper is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) from Extremadura, Spain.

Heat 4/10


Designed to match any classic northern European dish like Pot-au-feu, Waterzoo , Blanquette de veau or even simple mashed potatoes or mild cheeses like brie, this sauce provides a fair amount of heat without removing the taste like a more classic hot sauce would.
Local ugly pears, red onions, fresh garlic and apple cider vinegar, paired with fresh yellow HABANERO peppers and a very subtle blend of spices.

Heat 7/10


Fresh HABANERO peppers, the best ripe mangoes possible, fresh ginger, lime zest and a complex blend of rare spices make this sauce a very sweet tropical explosion that goes wonderfully with roasted fish or chicken, or shoyu fried tofu.
The good dose of ginger it contains gradually builds up the heat of the chilli peppers in the mouth, which gives it quite a long rush.
This was the first SWET ever made for ourselves back in 2019, this is the source of this hot sauce making obsession.

Heat 8/10


Prepared with italian tomatoes that have had their peels lightly burnt with a blowtorch, organic celery and magnificent red Habanero peppers which have grown in Brussels.
Josef is Mary’s best comrade, they would even have had a crush in their youth in a collective farm down south, but it is not very clear … It is said that since then he drinks a lot of cocktails made with Vodka and tomato juice, to forget.
Also Josef is a big foodie, he really has the slab: he loves pasta, pizza, and anything that can be eaten really, he will gladly replace the imperialist ketchup and the capitalist sriracha.
Also great with vodka in a shot, to save time.

Heat 5/10


Very deep fresh citrus aroma paired with a long lasting habanero heat.
Organic lemons and fresh yellow habanero peppers cooked with yellow bell peppers and conference pears grown in Belgium.

The best match for raw fish or shrimps.
It is also a good way to spike a mayonnaise.

Heat 6/10



With their brown bottles and orange labels, they are easily recognizable so they won’t fall into every hand.

Indeed, produced with one of the three strongest peppers in the world (Carolina reaper, Moruga scorpion or Naga Jolokia), which grow in Brussels, they are able to silence the most talkative.

We make sure to have them in stock all year long.


The Fumado was my favorite but it’s not strong enough anymore…  the addict says.
This super strong version of the FUMADO is for you.
It’s essentially the same recipe, slightly adapted with CAROLINA REAPER peppers (officially the most potent pepper in the world), which give it a good amount of heat with a slight delay in ignition in the mouth.
Carolina reapers grown in Brussels, AOC green oak smoked cayenne peppers, red onions, garlic and Belgian brown sugar.
It goes with everything, really.

Heat 10/10


The pure flavor of pineapple immediately followed by the deep and distinctive heat of the beautiful MORUGA TRINIDAD SCORPION BROWN pepper.

MORUGA TRINIDAD SCORPION is currently second on the list of the world’s hottest peppers. It has a rating of 1,200,000 Scoville Units (SHU), out of 2,009,231 SHU.

Heat 11/10


SUPER HOT version of the PEARS FOR TEARS, with CAROLINA REAPERS from Bxl replacing the habaneros.
Designed to match any classic northern European dish like Pot-au-feu, Waterzoo , Blanquette de veau or even simple mashed potatoes or mild cheeses like brie, this sauce provides a fair amount of heat without acting as a taste disturbance like a more classic hot sauce would.
Local ugly pears, red onions, garlic and apple cider vinegar, paired with fresh CAROLINA REAPER peppers from Brussels and a very subtle blend of spices.

Heat 12/10



With at least one different sauce each month, these are the most limited since they are produced only once a year, from rare ingredients and peppers grown in Brussels, which we sublimate in a radical recipe, sometimes questioning the limits of the hot sauce.
They are made for connoisseurs only.

Very limited, most of them are produced once a year.

February 22.

The green taste, designed to be compatible with all Mediterranean cuisine, from Italy to Lebanon, and way beyond.
Jonagold apples from the Brussels area, organic fennel, green jalapeno marinated in organic cider vinegar and Sri Lankan pepper. No sugar added.
Made from only the finest fresh ingredients, as usual.
A little Saltier than our other sauces, it belongs on the podium of our most versatile sauces.

Production limited to 622 bottles.

Heat 6/10

January 22.

Organic bananas from Martinique, red onions pickled in cider vinegar, Madame Jeannette pepper, ginger, garlic, lime, wild hibiscus from Senegal, Sichuan, Timut and black peppers from Sri Lanka. No added sugar.
Its pale pink color and medium strength make it both funky and accessible to all tables.
Acidic, with a subtle aroma that makes it similar to Sun Burn, it’s difficult to tell it contains banana without reading the label.
Incredible with steamed vegetables, as a replacement for pickles on a burger or on hard-boiled eggs.

Production limited to 638 bottles.

Heat 5/10

November 21.

Habanero grown and lacto-fermented in Brussels.
The result of the first harvest of HABANERO peppers from Brussels and organic carrots fermented in lightly salted brine for 4 mounths, then cooked with cider vinegar, red onion, garlic, brown cassonade and black pepper.
The result is just a pure habanero long-lasting rush with its deep characteristic taste.
Very very hot.

Production limited to 108 bottles.

Heat 10/10

October 21.

A tribute to the world’s earliest and sexiest variety of mandarin orange, a Japanese variety with green skin and intense aroma, grown organically in Sicily.
Prepared with 75% madarines, yellow habanero from Brussels and a little pear. Its aroma is ultra intense, even extreme.
It is a sauce strong enough at all levels, which remains long in the mouth.
A killer mixed in fresh cheese to prepare makis, or pure on a goat cheese, raw fish or poultry.

Production limited to 248 bottles.

Heat 7/10

September 21.

Everything in that sauce was grown on the rooftops of Brussels during the summer.
Red fruits, mainly raspberries, fresh basil and aji amarillo peppers.
With no added sugar, it is a fairly acidic sauce with a strong aroma of fresh fruit followed closely by a subtle note of basil.
The aji amarillo peppers give it a nice heat, which never overpowers the rest.
A killer with fish, raw meat, cheese, in a salad or with steamed vegetables.

Production limited to 303 bottles.

Heat 5/10

August 21.

Prepared with Belgian blueberries and yellow habaneros peppers from Brussels, it is distinguished first of all by its esoteric purple color, like the cloak of a cool magician.
Its super power: make any preparation purple: mayonnaise, pie crust, vinaigrette, etc. while gently waking up the taste buds.
Its magical taste: No added sugar, so on the salty side, the aroma of blueberries goes hand in hand with a hint of ginger and lime, and with a fairly complex mix of spices composed among others of sage, coriander, Green sichuan etc …
Very versatile, perfect to accompany cheese, charcuterie or steamed vegetables, and for everything in between.

Heat 4/10

July 21.

The Belgian high-end interpretation of the classic sauce
that everybody loves.
The difference between this pure golden nectar and the red industrial stuff you are used to is the quality of the base ingredients and the purity of the process.
Fermented organic sweet peppers, yellow habaneros &
organic garlic, cooked with organic apple vinegar & brown
cassonade. That liquid gold goes on everything.

Production limited to 188 bottles.

Heat: 4/10


June 21.

Ripe organic yellow peach from Sicily, yellow Habanero peppers from Brussels, junky Juice beer from our friends from Brussels Beer Project and allspice from Jamaica.
Production limited to 189 bottles

Heat: 4/10


May 21.

Flamed organic melon & organic watermelon from Sicily and Spanish naga jolokia.
Subtle, sweet but very strong.
Very special.
Production limited to 96 bottles.

Heat: 8/10


April 21.

Rhubarb, strawberry, dark sister IPA and habanero.

Production limited to 189 bottles.

Heat: 4/10


March 21.

Apples, habaneros and honey cooked with a complex custom spice mix giving it a north African oriented flavor spectrum.
A great match with your home made keftas or grilled eggplants.

Heat: 5/10


February 21.

Cédrat, pears & habanero.

Production limited to 122 bottles.

Heat: 6/10


April 21.

Made from Delta IPA from our friends at Brussels Beer
Project ; the best IPA brewed in Belgium (totally objective
here :).
Inspired from a secret recipe for ribs marinade, this sauce
is not fruity at all but quite dark instead thanks to the darkcandy sirup.
The IPA devellops some very complex floral aromas in it,
wich accord perfectly to the frank heat of the Aji Jamaiquino.
Perfect in pasta, red meat or ramen or anything really.

Heat: 7/10


March 21.

The subtle aroma of the best organic blood orange from Sicily paired with a subtle level of true heat from the GHOST peppers.
It is a great match with chocolate.
Ghost peppers (Naga Jolokia) originate from north-east of India and are very different from the Habaneros and other caribbean or South American peppers, it is closer to an Asian type of flavor & heat like the Thaï  bird eye peppers. Its heat is brutal and attacks the back of the mouth, you can feel it quite a long time while it makes its path inside.

Heat 3/10

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