If you ever wondered how we produce our sauce, the best way is to check the video we made together with Whoogy’s.

Come with us on a journey in Bxl, in some of our favorites places, begining by the rooftop gardens where our peppers grow.

You will see the recipe and process of the sauce we made, one of the best we did ever, with ripe organic peach, garlic, yellow habanero, elderflower vinegar, jamaican allspice, hybiscus, etc..

Heat 4/10

See the video here



A hot sauce diptich.

«The bitter» is a ultra mega hot pepper infusion in a dropper bottle, made from Apocalypse scorpion chocolate peppers grown in Bxl and fermented during more than six month.

«The better» is the antidote, a raspberries grown in Bxl & dark candy cassonade sirup to mix with milk or water.

The explainations are silk printed in two colors in Bxl on a premium long sleeve tshirt.

Illustrations & typo from M. Lechat.

Production limited to 30.

Heat: 25/10



Micro batch hot sauce handmade in Brussels together by NO DIET CLUB & us when we first met.

Made with wild garlic, zucchini & the first Brussels grown yellow habaneros of the year 2021, this salty mild green sauce will break any fat, for you to eat more than humanly possible.

It was specifically designed to make you eat more fat.

Heat: 4/10



We teamed up with the best smash burger joint in Belgium to make the spiciest mayo ever.

Made from both fresh and fermented CAROLINA REAPER peppers and mixed with Rambo’s homemade mayo, this sauce is for the braves only.

It will turn your fries into a hot journey.
Available only as a menu option at Rambo burger.

Heat: 8/10



Made from fresh mangos from the Congo, habanero peppers from Rwanda, fresh turmeric and ginger.

This very special sauce was available exclusively on pre order with an exclusive tailor-made menu, designed arround the sauce.

Heat: 4/10



Umamido is just the best spot to eat a good ramen in Brussels
in Brussels, by far our favorite. Everything is homemade, by hand, with the best fresh ingredients… Strangely it speaks to us :))

While talking with them, we learned that their kimchi is not only ultra good, it is also very, very special. They have been preparing it themselves for almost 9 years with the same patience and the same method, and it is this process that is crazy: each new batch is started with a small part of the previous one, so the fermentation is alive from the beginning.

Their kimchi is 9 years old this month, and for its birthday we pay tribute to it with a magical sauce: TSURAI made in very small quantities (400 bottles).
After weeks of testing, the recipe was self-evident: Kimchi, ripe local pears, Brussels Habaneros marinated for 6 months in organic alcohol vinegar, and artisanal white miso.
A subtle balance between the complexity of the fermentation, the sweetness of the pears and the spiciness of the Habaneros, which enhances the intense flavor of the kimchi.
A wave of flavor, ready to break on every table.