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Orgy in a bottle.

This is probably the most complicated and rare limited edition we're releasing this year.

When other hot sauce brands talk about fermentation, they're really
talking about preserving chillies in salt, wich is a dead or at least inert
Their priority is not to improve flavour or strength, but rather to make life easier for themselves by keeping a year-round supply of salted
chillies, ready to transform. It’s the most classic way to produce very ordinary hot sauce.

With us, it's exactly the opposite, since we're lucky enough to have a supply of fresh local-grown chillies practically all year round.

So here we're talking about an 8-month active lacto-fermentation process, with very little salt and an insane complexity with a very clear goal in mind : carving a new taste.

Red onions, fresh garlic, yellow habanero peppers from Bxl and real chipotle peppers imported directly from Mexico, slowly fermented in a very low-salt brine throughout winter & spring cool temperatures.

Made according to the rules of the art, it is reserved for real fermented sauce geeks.

181 bottles.

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