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ULTRA SEASON means that we only produce it once a year, and maybe never again.
A tribute to the season, a new sauce every month. Limited batches of 200 to 700 bottles each.


The green taste, designed to be compatible with all Mediterranean cuisine, from Italy to Lebanon, and way beyond.

Jonagold apples from the Brussels area, organic fennel, green jalapeño marinated in organic cider vinegar and Sri Lankan pepper. No sugar added.

Made from only the finest fresh ingredients, as usual.

A little saltier than usual, it belongs on the podium of our most versatile sauces.

Zero fat. Vegan.


Made with organic bananas from Martinique, lemon habanero peppers, red onions pickled in cider vinegar, and cooked with ginger, garlic and lime. Spiced with Timut, Sichuan and Sri Lankan peppers, its pink color comes from the wild hibiscus of Senegal.

No added sugar. Zero fat. Vegan.

We don't often talk about the logo but here... It's a redesign of a typeface that I took from a 1967 Playboy magazine, perfect to match the pale pink color of the sauce, the skin tone of the January '67 "playmate of the month", who is relaxing, slightly tipsy, on the hot and humid slabs, at the edge of the legendary jungle pool of the playboy mansion, the Californian Sodom and Gomorrah then at its peak, completely Monkey business.

This sauce is really far from the classic hot sauce, even further than usual, mega giga far:
Tangy, fruity, smooth, soft, subtly flavored, not very sweet and with a reasonable but lasting strength.
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